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The Best Free Antivirus 2019

The best free antivirus 2019 is Avast. It is free and its download is so simple. Just one click and it is there to guard your system against any threats. These threats may be from outside or from your local files. It is perfect even for P2P connection and instant messages. You can enjoy all its various features completely for free.

Avast’s advance features provide you one access guard form all types of viruses and other malicious wares. It consists of heuristic engines. It offers silent mode. In silent mode it does not disturb you with alerts. This is, no doubt, the silent eyes and ears of your system. It is compatible both with Mac and Windows and works hand in hand with both the technologies.

Unluckily, if you have planned to use its free version for commercial use, you cannot. Its strong security system sometimes uninstalls the unwanted software too. It requires registration periodically. Though the registration is free yet can be disturbing for some of the users.

Where it provides real time protection for emails, files, folders and online activities, it watches browsers’ plugins too. It is a powerful guard against malicious installs and the software with notorious fame.

While you are playing games or watching movies, you want to be undisturbed from the block-notifications and pop-ups. It does have this feature in it. You can on/off its “Do not Disturb Mode” with equal safety. It has a Wi-Fi inspector. Wi-Fi inspector inspects any kind of network risk. For example, if someone tries to identify your routers using default password, Avast is there to tackle with it silently.

Some time you install an application to your system. In the start everything goes all right. Then one day you need it badly and start to work with that application, all of a sudden it starts behaving awkwardly. You are unable to understand what is happening. In fact, the application has some malware and now it is not working according to your commands. Fortunately, Avast antivirus’ free version has Application Behavior Shield Protection. This application consistently watches the app-behavior on your system. If anything goes wrong, it, at once, closes the application and generates a notification about what happened. Very cool!

While installing Avast antivirus, you are prompted to install Avast web browser also. But it is not necessary. If you do not require this web browser uncheck the box. If you are to use Avast antivirus more than 30 days, registration is required. Be comfortable, this registration is free.

Sum up: Avast is 100% free with full options. It is equally compatible for windows and Mac operating systems. Registration is required for more than 30 days’ use; but it is free