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Data Rooms for a secure data handling for all kinds of business

For legal proceedings or merger and acquisition agreements, secret information is often stored in a data room, a secure facility. For file sharing, document storage, document security, and financial activity, data rooms are used.

The 5 Best Providers of VDRs

The top 5 data room tools, along with their features and prices, are included in the top tools section for your consideration.


Merrill Datasite is a VDR vendor that started out as a finance and printing company. It has now grown into a fast-growing SaaS technology company.

What makes Datasite a great VDR service is that it offers the best security and can meet the most uncompromising security requirements.

The platform was specially developed for high-value industries such as process management and M&A.

There are no barriers to communication with Datasite customer support as managers can respond in over 20 languages!


Brainloop is a virtual private data room vendor that was founded in 2000 and since then has been providing all types of businesses with easy-to-use and efficient file storage and sharing platform.

Like all VDR services, Brainloop offers features such as automatically generated watermarks, questions and answers, encryption and more.

What sets Brainloop apart from others is its integration with your existing corporate infrastructure, allowing you to create a more cost-effective cloud-based online document archive.

Brainloop’s high level of security is practically invisible to end users, which makes working with it super easy and convenient.


iDeal’s VDR vendor is proven and trusted by the investment banking community, lawyers and executives from around the world.

The main goal of this VdR vendor is to offer customers the most secure and convenient solution that will help them achieve their business goals.

The platform supports more than 25 file formats and offers tools like digital data encryption, two-factor authentication, smart filters, and more.

It can even secure audit trails and help your company improve accounting and transparency.


It is a software solutions vendor with more than 100 features, including comprehensive security controls, digital rights management, and reports that track interest. Ansarada is a VDR vendor worth checking out.

Like DataSite, Ansarada was built exclusively for mergers and acquisitions. The user-friendly interface, day-and-night advisors and analysts, and other similar features can greatly simplify the M&A process.

From deal preparation to close, Ansarada optimizes all tasks with the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning!


The VDR vendor Digify was founded in the USA in 2011 and is, therefore, a very young vendor of VDRs.

This easy-to-use platform caters to all business needs and low-level small transactions. Hence it comes at an affordable price.

Digify offers features like access control, access blocking, print and download rights, security gifts, and more.

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