Hoodie for Large Dogs

Hoodie for Large Dogs

Today, stores offer a huge selection of clothing for dogs: from all kinds of overalls to large dog hoodies. Some models will save the pet from the cold and rain, while others, on the contrary, will only interfere with the walk. How to choose clothes for a dog? A correctly selected kit will protect the animal from wind, rain, and dirt, as well as warm it in winter. Whether to buy a jumpsuit for a pet is decided by the owner of the dog, but some breeds need clothing in the cold season.

Which Dogs Need Warm Clothes?

Smooth-haired dogs and breeds without undercoat. Long-haired pets and those with a dense undercoat will certainly not freeze in winter. But dogs with short hair, such as a French bulldog, a Jack Russell Terrier and even a Doberman, will be pleased with warm clothing; When choosing a kit of clothes for a pet, remember the purpose of the purchase. For example, in the fall, active dogs easily get dirty, from head to toe. Therefore, in order not to bathe the animal every time after a walk, many owners prefer to wear jumpsuits. In this case, do not choose lined models – the pet will be too hot, it is better to give preference to the model of raincoat fabric. For the winter, you can choose an insulated version.

How to Choose the Size of Clothes?

It is best to buy clothes for the pet after trying on – so you can make sure that the size is chosen correctly and the dog is comfortable. If this is not possible (for example, you order clothes via the Internet), you should measure the main parameters of the dog:

  • Back length. This is the most important parameter when determining the right size. Place the dog evenly and measure the distance from the withers to the beginning of the tail – this is the desired value.
  • Neck circumference. Measured at the widest part of the animal’s neck.
  • Chest and Waist. The chest is measured in its widest part. The waist is the narrowest part of the belly of the pet. To make the dog feel comfortable in clothing, add about the resulting values. If the pet has long hair, depending on its length.
  • The length of the paws. Measured from the chest and abdomen to the wrist.

What to Look for When Choosing a Jumpsuit?

The main thing you need to check is the quality of the material. To check it, you need to squeeze a little jumpsuit and rub. The fabric should not have strong creases, and it should not leave marks. Cheap dyes can shed and dye your pet’s coat. The top layer of the overalls should consist of waterproof material – this is especially important when choosing a raincoat and a winter kit. As a heater, fluff and synthetic are often used.