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Bitdefender vs Avast

If you want basic protection for your system against malware, ransomware and any unwanted attack that will damage your files and leave your system in a state of jeopardy, then you should consider getting yourself an antivirus software.

In the industry, there are hundreds of antivirus software that helps protect your system from these attacks, but some are better than others. Also, all antivirus do the same job, but some are more effective than the others. That’s why we are comparing two of the best antivirus software in this BitDefender vs. Avast article.

This article will review two of the most effective antivirus software packages and see which is better when compared to each other.

Bitdefender vs. Avast antivirus

Bitdefender is a popular one in the antivirus industry, and the popularity makes it look like a better choice to most people, that doesn’t make it more effective than Avast. They offer different features that make them unique. They differ in price, and some come with more advanced features than the other.

Both of them offer behavioral scanning to pick out new threats and eliminate them; they both have anti-ransomware functions, anti phishing functions, password manager, and also webcam protection against hacks.

Bitdefender, however, offers more extras for your files like hardware scanning for your USB and external files, a secure pay browser that protects you from attacks online and a virtual keyword to help you avoid keyloggers.

Avast on its own offers more features like sandboxing when launching apps, files stored in a virtual ecosystem to protect against malware. Game mode and passive mode features will help protect your system from apps that will slow it down. Avast is also less pricey than BitDefender and comes with a free trial for you.

Who Comes Out In Top?

When you compare the two antiviruses based on what they offer like

Features: In terms of features, Avast offers more security-focused features than almost all antivirus software in the market, and this includes BitDefender. It also has more utilities in its suite of features than BitDefender. So, for features possessed by both of them, Avast comes out on top.

Interface: In terms of the service interface, Avast has a more understandable interface than BitDefender. A non-tech person can easily navigate the Avast interface than that of BitDefender. Avast also comes out on top here.

Protection: Both Avast and Bitdefender offer very strong protective presence against all types of attacks to your system. So, in terms of protection, this is a tie.

Budget: Although avast offers a free trial version for its software, Bitdefender has a less expensive premium package than Avast. Hence, BitDefender is more budget-friendly than Avast.

Popularity: Who wins the popularity contest between two of the most popular antivirus software in the industry. According to stats, Avast antivirus is the most popular software package in the market right now.

Customer support: Customer support is very important for anyone who uses antivirus software packages. You can run into problems at any time, and only efficient customer service can make you get back on track and feel satisfied with the service.

To Wrap It Up

According to users who reviewed the two antivirus software, Avast edges Bitdefender just a little bit in the customer support department.

When we consider the five features we have listed here, we can see one comes out on top, and that is the Avast antivirus.