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The Main Peculiarities of McAfee Antivirus

McAfee is a very popular antivirus you can often see pre-installed on the laptops. It also comes as an extra when you install Adobe products. McAfee has been around for over 2 decades delivering reliable antivirus protection for users all across the globe.

A Brief Overview of the Program

There are 2 major versions: a free edition and a premium one. Depending on the one you pick, you’ll get a definite set of tools to protect your device from all kinds of threats.

Packages are developed for devices that run on Windows, Mac OS, iOS, and Android. They also have very low minimum requirements so that every modern device could use it. Find out if you need this antivirus from our McAfee review.

The advantages of using McAfee

There are many reasons for installing this software. Let’s go over the main ones to help you decide.

  1. The program comes with a great selection of features. You may pick the bundle based on what tools and extras you wish to get and pay accordingly.
  2. Virus removal guarantee is a great advantage which implies the tech support will remotely remove a virus if you can’t get rid of it on your own.
  3. A Premium version can cover an unlimited number of devices. You can protect all devices in your household with just one license. It’s not only convenient but cheaper, too.
  4. Perfect anti-phishing scores from the independent testing labs secure 100% detection of phishing sites and blocking your access to them.
  5. Live chat and email support will efficiently react to inquiries and help you solve any occurring issues in no time.

The disadvantages of the software

On the other hand, McAfee has still a few issues that need improvements. For once, it’s rather pricey. Upgrading to a premium version can cost you more than other similar antivirus programs charge.

Also, the interface is not very user-friendly. Beginners are likely to find it confusing and even complicated at times.

Finally, aside from anti-phishing test results, the labs have mixed results. The software doesn’t score excellent points in some tests.

Useful tips about using McAfee

Just like some other antivirus solutions, McAfee offers auto-renewal. It means that you’ll be charged every year when the old subscription expires. If you decide to uninstall the software and start using a different solution, it won’t stop the subscription. You’ll need to visit your account at the official website and deactivate it lest you keep paying for the services you don’t use.

McAfee has made some quality innovations. For example, the new ransom guard feature shows great results in detecting zero-day threats. It has a reliable algorithm that blocks actions as soon as it notices the first symptoms of being malicious.

A new firewall also stands out by its convenience. It makes internal decisions and prevents all sorts of online threats without sending you dozens of notifications.

The quality of delivered services is regularly improved as you can see by the updates. It’s one of the reasons the program still takes top positions in antivirus ratings. Taking into account perfect anti-phishing and great malware-detection scores, it’s obvious why.


Using McAfee is not very difficult. While the interface seems confusing at times, you are sure to get used to it and enjoy high-quality protection from malware and other threats. Take into account these pros and cons as well as the results from the independent testing labs to decide if this is what you are looking for. It’s also a wise idea to start from the free edition. Although it’s limited, you’ll test some features and evaluate their quality.